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Tracking 360

The Foundation of Your Business Marketing

In fact, without it, you could be wasting your advertising money and not even know it. And with Tracking 360 in place, it’ll show you where you could be getting more leads, for less. Which means more profit for your business.

Of course, if you weren’t able to identify these growth areas, you wouldn’t be able to jump on them to see your profits soar!

To show you how powerful this is, let’s consider an example to show you what this all means for your business…

Say you’ve got two marketing campaigns on the go – one with Google, and with Facebook

Each day, the phone’s ringing. You’re happy because you’re getting fresh leads. But you’ve no idea if it’s Google that’s working, or Facebook.

With Tracking 360 in place you’d know exactly what’s happening. And you’d be able to make accurate business decisions based on this information.

See, it may be that every dollar you spend on Facebook is only half as good as the dollars spent on Google. Yet, you may only be giving Google 20% of your budget. But if you gave it more… you could end up getting MORE leads – and more sales – for less marketing spend.

However, you wouldn’t know this if you don’t have the right data available.

Which is precisely why you need Tracking 360 in place before spending another dollar on advertising

So how do you go about getting Tracking 360 working for you and your business?

Well, good news! We’ve put together a 65 page, step-by-step, setup manual. You can download it on this page for free. And then you can follow the detailed instructions to implement this for yourself, in your business… across ALL the necessary platforms.

But we must warn you…

While you may be able to read through this in depth instruction manual in a few hours, you will need to set aside a focused number of days to implement it. And you will need to make sure you follow the instructions precisely. The reason being, it only takes one mistake to get everything wrong with the Tracking 360 process.

We don’t want you to mess that up. Not at all. Especially because we know the difference Tracking 360 can make to you business. It’s profound.

You could say it’s a lot like the foundation of building…

You wouldn’t dream of building a home for your family without one. And you wouldn’t live in a house with a damaged, half finished foundation. It’d be dangerous. Because as soon as a storm comes along, your family’s home could get swept away and destroyed.

So why would you dream of spending a single dollar on advertising without first having a strong ‘foundation’ in place – a way of tracking your results, across every aspect of your marketing?

Because when you DO have this tracking in place, you can make smarter business decisions. Business decisions that could add a lot of profit to your business, very quickly.

Would you like to make that happen?

We’re sure you would!

One way to make that possible is to download the 65 page Tracking 360 setup manual. Then carefully read it. Research each step if you get stuck. And then implement each step over the course of many days – even weeks. Finally, you’d want to go back over the manual to make sure you got everything 100% correct (to make sure you’ve not got any ‘cracks’ in this marketing foundation).


Or, you could let us do this for you.

And when we do, you rest safe in the knowledge that we do this day in, day out for our many clients.

See, our team of highly trained Tracking 360 specialists are responsible for overseeing $2 million dollars worth of advertising spend every month. They drive thousands of leads to our clients each and every month. And they’re experts at setting up the entire Tracking 360 system in businesses just like yours.

In fact…

We don’t do any marketing for ourselves – or any of our clients – without first implementing Tacking 360. It’s that important.

With that in mind, when you get us to setup Tracking 360 for your business, your marketing will be far more effective. You’ll be able to stop ineffective advertising efforts. And you’ll be able to scale up winning campaigns faster, knowing your in profit as you do so.

If that sounds like the kind of marketing foundation you want for your business, we can do this for your for a one-time investment of $1000.

To get Tracking 360 set up for you business, click the button below now and book your Free Strategy Session today.

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