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SEO is the Most Powerful Marketing Channel in History

Today is an awesome day for the new Moz. It’s great to see the industry moving in this direction. As much is gained from a highly optimized online presence, SEO will remain the core framework to accomplish this goal. And as we see today that is very clear. Moz, formerly SEOMoz, is paving the way to move in the direction of an overall inbound approach to marketing. In Rand’s post today he states that SEO today has grown to become the most powerful marketing channel in history.

But not only is SEO maintaining it’s spotlight, it’s now fueling the growth for companies that leverage full content marketing solutions to promote their brands. And also with the updates to Moz we see them now painting a clear picture of what that Old SEO world is and was, and where the New SEO world has taken us… to that of a place of overall transparency, empathy (which we mention the value of in this post), authenticity, generosity, and overall fun with your marketing campaigns.  This type of human centric approach is left out when running spam content campaigns or other non-connecting type of efforts.

The focus is shifted to an overall content centric approach, where the business becomes the expert in their niche.  Their syndication methods, methods of spreading their message and ability to speak directly to the things that move their audience most.  The types of messages that motivate your audience to make the decision on their own to become your fan.

I think Moz hits the nail on the head with this update to their brand and message.  As a major industry player clearly recognizes the new world marketing has assumed, it assures agencies deploying an overall inbound solutions that their practice will benefit small businesses for years to come.  Investing in earned loyalty is here to stay.

As agencies help to generate momentum for small businesses, we can only expect to see a major boom in things like number of existing Authorship citations and Author-Expert designations. This is the type of thing that fuels local communities to connect as well as online communities to grow viral.

To sum up, here’s a good quote from Rand’s article:

“For as long as I’m active in the field, I will be shouting the value of SEO from the stages on which I present, the publications where I write, and the social channels where I share.”

The value of SEO is in the content, the message of that content, and the overall targeted reach it can achieve.

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